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Charitable Bequest

A charitable bequest is one of the easiest and most flexible ways that you can leave a gift to Partnership With Native Americans that will make a lasting impact.

Charitable Bequest
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Learn About Wills and Bequests

What are the benefits of making a bequest?

  1. Leave a lasting legacy to be remembered
  2. Lessen the burden of taxes on your family
  3. Receive an estate tax savings

How can I learn more?

Here are some ways to leave a bequest

  1. Include a bequest to Partnership With Native Americans in your Will or Living Trust
  2. Designate Partnership With Native Americans as a full, partial or contingent beneficiary of your retirement account (IRA, 401(k), 403(b) or pension)
  3. Name Partnership With Native Americans as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy

Types of Bequests

A bequest can be made in several ways:
  1. Specific dollar amount or Asset
  2. Percentage of your estate
  3. Residual Gift from the balance or residue of your estate
  4. Contingent Gift

How do I get started?

Worth Noting

The method used to make a bequest will depend on the kind of gift you choose to leave to Partnership With Native Americans.

Bequests of real estate, personal property, business interests and cash are typically made by way of a Will, Living Trust, other revocable trusts or even a simple codicil to your current estate plan. Your estate-planning attorney can assist you in preparing the necessary papers for you to complete the bequest.

Other bequests, such as those involving retirement assets, insurance policies, bank accounts and stocks and bonds, are typically made by completing the appropriate beneficiary designation form. Simply contact your retirement plan administrator, life insurance company, bank or investment broker and ask them to send you the appropriate "beneficiary designation" or "payable on death" form. To complete your bequest, you will need to complete and sign the form and then send it back to the person who originally sent the form to you.

The last step in leaving any bequest involves the transfer to charity. When you pass away, the bequest property will be transferred to Partnership With Native Americans. The full value of this gift will be transferred tax-free and your estate will receive an estate tax charitable deduction.


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